Senator Brady's Weekly Update

Dear Friends,

This week my colleagues in the House Revenue Committee met to review the “economic outlook of the state.”  Moody’s Analytics recently released an economic outlook report for the General Assembly’s Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability.  When I spoke with Dan Long, Executive Director for COGFA, last November, he expressed great concern at the lack of a budget and its effect on our state and its citizens.  You can view the interview on my website.

This most recent State of Illinois Forecast Report begins by stating that “Illinois is one of the Midwest’s weakest links.” Later, it notes, “Longer term, Illinois has a lot of what businesses need to thrive – talent, access to customers and capital, transportation hubs – but painful fiscal reforms are needed before it can fully capitalize on these strengths.” 

That echoes what I have been saying and working on for a long time.  In order to get our state moving in positive direction, we need to set true reforms in place.  I continue to be optimistic, knowing that although many of these reforms are not easy, they will eventually help put Illinois back as a leader in the Midwest.

We will return to Springfield on Feb. 28, and hope to make progress on much needed reforms and end the Illinois’ ongoing budget impasse.   

With state debt rising and Illinois’ bill backlog growing each day, the pressure of operating without a budget continues to build. In light of some of Illinois’ ongoing challenges, it is no surprise that the state fell short in overall well-being in a recent report from the Boston Consulting Group. However, the report underscored some key points reinforcing Republicans calls for job-creating reforms.

Meanwhile, the state’s largest employee union announced its members have voted to give their union bargaining committee the authority to call for a strike, and farmers are hoping to see some relief from Illinois’ unusually dry and warm winter weather.

As always, I am here to listen to your concerns and assist in any way.  I know everyone is concerned about our state and its current condition.  If you have any questions about these recent reports please contact our offices in Bloomington and Springfield.  We also offer our Mobile Office hours on Wednesdays, in Petersburg, Lincoln, Morton and Washington.  Please check our website for dates and times.


Senator Bill Brady

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