Senator Brady's Weekly Update

Dear Friends:


On a daily basis, we see constant negative messages that Illinois ranks last or near the bottom in almost every category.  I prefer to focus on the positive, and one constant positive is Illinois’ great farming community.  Illinois is a leading producer of soybeans, corn and swine.  We are also the nation’s second leading exporter of both soybeans and feed grains and related products.  We have always been a proud agri-business state.  My thanks go out to the entire farming community, and thank you for continuing to make Illinois a proud agricultural state, something we can all celebrate.


In trying to help businesses grow in Illinois, Governor Rauner created “Illinois Competitiveness Council”.  The goal is to remove burdensome regulations on employers and entrepreneurs.  This is a refreshing announcement for business owners who have been subjected to a multitude of mandates that often deter new businesses and hinder the growth of established businesses. 


The Illinois School Funding Reform Commission continued its discussion on Illinois’ property tax system and its implications for school funding this week.  Also, the Health Care Fraud Elimination Task Force announced its recommendations to curb waste and abuse in the state’s health care system.


Please feel free to reach out to my office for any additional information or assistance.  We are always at your service.




Senator Bill Brady