Welcome Message

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you, your family and your friends well. To say that this
has been an unusual and trying two years for Illinois and our citizens would be
an understatement. We always hear that change is good, but it is also difficult.

One can say that as we change we grow; however, this change doesn’t
happen overnight. Although I certainly don’t believe that our taxpayers
deserve to endure two years without a balanced budget.

We all recognize that our state is in a fiscal crisis and quite frankly it has been
for many years. The taxpayer dollar has long been disrespected. I held a
teleforum back in April and one of the survey questions I asked was “How
should we address the multi-billion dollar budget deficit moving forward?”

A majority of taxpayers want their leaders to make spending cuts, which
makes sense. If you have been living beyond your means and the credit card
companies are calling, it is time to make some cuts. However, as you are well
aware, this takes sacrifice. What I hear most in the community is taxpayers
are willing to endure some form of tax hike in order to resolve this situation,
but they want to be able to streamline our government as well and see cuts to
wasteful spending.

This has been my focus in the General Assembly the past two years, but
facilitating change will be a negotiation process and it will not be easy. I am
pleased to report that in the interim we did pass the stopgap budget that
will allow our schools to open in the fall. Although this legislation is not a
long-term solution, it was a necessary step in order to ensure our children’s
education needs come first. But we all know and recognize it was only a first

I am proud of Senate District 44, its citizens, its businesses, its social services
and its communities. It is our communities who have had to pick up additional
burdens, our businesses who have had to wait on payments and our social
service providers comprised of many compassionate individuals who have
stepped up in this time of need. I appreciate your patience and understanding
as all of us try to continue to resolve this situation. In this time of change, it is
important we to turn inward to our community and our own backyard and help
each other out.

Please contact me if you have questions or need more information about
these or other issues. Your input is always vital to the service that I provide. I
look forward to hearing from you.


State Senator Bill Brady