Illinois lawmakers wanting to know who was accountable for mistakes made in awarding health insurance contracts heard Administration officials pass the buck – rather, 6.6 billion bucks – during a meeting March 29 of the Legislative Audit Commission, according to Senator Bill Brady.

“This is a nearly $7 billion procurement that deals with the healthcare of the people who work for the state, and have worked for the state,” Senator Brady said. “The Governor and his Office of Management and Budget have questions they need to answer about why certain memos were ignored and why they continued along a line that cost the state money and put at risk the people who depend on state health insurance.”

A March 8 report by State Auditor General Bill Holland blasted the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (DHFS) for its handling last year of a five-year, $6.6 billion contract to the state’s largest insurer to administer HMO plans for state employees.

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