Senator Bill Brady has filed legislation that would stop Governor Pat Quinn from using charitable donations to pay the state’s bills.

Senate Bill 2489 would protect taxpayer contributions to income tax check-off funds from being “swept” by the Governor. The Administration borrowed $1.176 million from 11 tax check-off funds during Fiscal Year 2011.

“Years of ‘tax-borrow-and-spend’ fiscal mismanagement have brought Illinois to the sad state of affairs that, despite a 67 percent income tax increase approved earlier this year, the Governor is using funds donated by taxpayers to charitable organizations to pay the state’s bills,” Senator Brady said. “The Administration says the money will be repaid, but it should never have been borrowed in the first place. This is not the state’s money.”

The 44th District Senator sent a letter June 30, asking that the Governor repay charitable funds he used during FY 2011 to pay the state’s bills. “We need to rethink our approach and provide a government that works for the people, not the politicians. Robbing Peter to pay Paul, or in this case taking money from charitable funds to pay the state’s bills, is not the way to do it,” Senator Brady stated in the letter.

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