Wrong policies and failed leadership have left Illinois state government still struggling in the midst of its worst-ever financial crisis.

And there’s no end in sight. The lack of leadership in the Capitol is a perfect example of Yogi Berra’s “it’s déjà vu all over again.”

While the Legislature took an initial half-step toward cutting state spending, the Governor handed one of his public relations staffers a 48 percent raise. While thousands of vendors wait for long overdue payments, the Governor added to the problem by raiding the funds for charitable organizations that taxpayers had voluntarily contributed for them through the income tax check-off plan. When the Legislature balked at eliminating regional school superintendents, Governor Pat Quinn took his veto pen and unilaterally vetoed their salaries.

Those aren’t the kinds of budget decisions I would have made, and they’re not the kind of budget decisions Illinois families would make at their kitchen tables.

And once again, fiscal responsibility was shoved aside, and Illinois taxpayers are left to pay for the lack of leadership and financial restraint in Springfield.

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