New legislative boundaries that will strongly influence the direction of the Illinois General Assembly for the next 10 years were rammed through the Senate by Democrat leaders May 27, despite a much fairer option proposed May 26 by Senate Republicans, according to Senator Bill Brady.

Senate Bill 1177 was approved by a strictly partisan roll-call, 35-22. The bill was passed earlier in the day by a 64-52 vote of the House of Representatives and now moves to the Governor’s desk for further consideration.

“Every 10 years, after the census, federal Congressional and state legislative maps are redrawn to reflect changes in population. This system is known as redistricting, but Illinois’ current system has become corrupted to basically allow one party to draw political boundaries in such a distorted manner as to pre-determine the results of subsequent elections for the next decade,” Senator Brady said. “These back-room dealings – and the map that has resulted from it – strip voters out of the process and gives politicians free rein to shape the direction of our state government and public policy.”

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