Kudos to all the central Illinois individuals and groups that come to the State Capitol and talk with me and other state officials about the issues important to you!

Thanks to the Heyworth FFA students who stopped by the Senate to see me on March 9.

The group was in Springfield as part of the annual Illinois Agricultural Legislative Day activities. Accompanying the students was Agriculture Teacher Jestun Nutter


Republican lawmakers laid the groundwork during the week for budget cuts that will total between $4 billion and $6 billion.

On March 10, Senate GOP lawmakers said that unless significant cuts are made to Governor Quinn’s budget proposal, Illinois will face an annual deficit of $8 billion and a cumulative deficit of more than $22 billion within five years.

Senate Republicans released a budget review that shows Illinois’ spending and revenue trends indicate it will take $4 to $6 billion in additional spending reductions to the Governor’s proposed budget to get the state back on track.

An analysis of state spending and revenues shows that even with the recent 67 percent income tax increase, these massive deficits will occur if lawmakers adopt the Governor’s recently proposed budget. Senate Republicans emphasized the “spending caps” included in the budget plan are far more generous and optimistic than the state’s revenues can sustain.

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