Regardless of how the Illinois Supreme Court may eventually rule on legislation that funded the state’s $31 billion capital construction program, Senator Bill Brady says he prefers a very narrow definition of “single subject” and he’d like to see lawmakers adopt rules that are even more stringent than the Illinois Constitution may require.

“In my view, we ought to be much more conservative in our approach. Generally, I think our constituents are better served if we follow a narrow definition of what constitutes a ‘single subject,’” Senator Brady said. “To the average taxpayer, combining more than one issue into a single piece of legislation seems inappropriate and contrary to what they expect of their elected officials.”

Senator Brady’s comments came in response to a unanimous Illinois Appellate Court ruling January 26 that found legislation passed in 2009 to create a major new capital construction program violated the state constitution’s “single subject rule,” a prohibition that legislation cannot deal with more than one subject. The court also held that additional legislation linked to the statewide construction plan should also be voided.. The appellate court decision is being appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court.

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