Nearly 200 new laws are scheduled to go into effect January 1, 2011, among them pension reforms for most new public employees, limits on campaign contributions, joint nomination of candidates for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor in primary elections, and changes to laws regarding the use of red-light cameras, according to Senator Bill Brady.

Also of note is legislation requiring mandatory imprisonment for aggravated weapons convictions, a measure targeting “sexting” and a number of new measures to stiffen penalties for sex offenders.

One of the most important new laws to pass the General Assembly in 2010 is bipartisan pension reform. Senate Bill (SB) 1946/PA 96-0889 will not change benefits for existing public employees, but new employees will be subject to a higher retirement age, limits on cost-of-living adjustments when they retire and an imposed ceiling on the maximum earnings that can be counted toward their pensions. No additional benefits will accrue for salaries above the current Social Security maximum level of $106,800 (inflation adjusted). " />

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