Two days after a Republican-initiated panel held its first meeting to investigate a secret and controversial prisoner early-release program, the Governor released a report on the programs.

The Illinois Joint Investigatory Panel on Early Release met August 11 in Peoria. The panel selected that community, in part, because of the murder of a Peoria grandmother in May. The man accused of the crime had been a prisoner and participant in the controversial Meritorious Good Time Push (MGT-Push) program.

The panel first offered a brief review of the history of the controversy, and recounted efforts dating back to January to obtain information about the ill-fated program.

Although Governor Pat Quinn appointed former Judge David Erickson of the Cook County Circuit Court in December 2009 to conduct a review of release practices, a report still had not been released eight months later. However, two days after the panel's first meeting, the Governor released the report August 13.

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