On July 1, the Governor announced what he says will amount to approximately $1.4 billion in budget cuts, though the cuts are actually in the neighborhood of $155 million—a spending reduction of less than one half of one percent.

I am supportive of any plan to scale back state expenditures in the face of a $13 billion budget deficit, but I am skeptical that these proposed cuts will be made. In 2009, the Governor promised to cut $1 billion from the state budget, and even produced a list of cuts that he planned to make. Yet most of those budget reductions were never implemented and, in fact, the Governor managed to overspend by $2 billion and increase Illinois’ backlog of bills from $4 billion to $6 billion.

Though short on specifics, Quinn provided a list of his $155 million in vetoes by agency. He plans to cut spending in many areas of the budget including elementary and high school education, higher education, human services, aging, corrections, health, law enforcement, agriculture and natural resources.

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