Governor Pat Quinn’s fiscal plan for next year relies on spending billions more than expected state revenues—including a $1.6 billion increase in spending, borrowing more than $6.1 billion to make up the difference, and ignoring billions more in unpaid bills.

Senate Democrat leaders jammed through House Bill 859 during the late evening hours of May 6, despite strong Republican opposition. Other related bills were passed May 7. That legislation must still be approved by the House of Representatives.

It is not surprising that this budget was forced through late at night, because it certainly would not bear scrutiny in the full light of day. Promises were made, and broken. Projects were held hostage in extreme acts of political gamesmanship. That being said, the fact remains is no one knows what is in this budget. And they are handing over extraordinary powers to a Governor who has clearly shown that he lacks the skills necessary to lead our state out of the economic mess in which it is mired.

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