Senate Democrat leaders ignored public and media calls for redistricting reform by strong-arming legislation that keeps the process of drawing legislative boundaries in the hands of lawmakers, allowing them to protect incumbents and their political careers, according to Senator Bill Brady.

Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment (SJRCA) 121 was passed by a bipartisan 36-22 vote (one member not voting). It states that if initial attempts to draw a legislative map fail, the Senate and the House of Representatives could develop their own district maps without having to work with the Governor.

“Each 10 years, after the census, new federal Congressional and state legislative maps are drawn – a system called redistricting. Illinois’ current system allows one party to drawing of political boundaries in order to pre-determine election results,” Senator Brady said. “Also known as political gerrymandering, the system allows politicians to steal the election before the voters even go to the polls. This is one of the most politically-subversive processes in state government – one that shapes the direction of our state government and public policy for decades.”

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