Governor Pat Quinn has changed his mind about a campaign finance reform bill that had drawn criticism from virtually every major reform organization in Illinois, the media and many lawmakers.

The Governor’s decision on August 27 to veto House Bill 7 is not surprising; in fact, one wonders why he ever voiced his support for the measure in the first place.

House Bill 7 is a loophole-laden measure, with contribution limits that were too high and broad definitions that would hinder the legislation’s effectiveness. Republicans and reform groups noted that although the measure would have enforced the first limits ever on campaign contributions, the limits were so high that they would have been largely ineffective.

Individuals would have been allowed to donate $5,000, businesses and associations could have donated $10,000 and political committees could advance candidates up to $90,000 a year—all significantly higher limits than those proposed by the Illinois Reform Commission, a panel established by Quinn to identify areas in need of reform.

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