Dear Editor,

After more than a decade without a capital construction program, Illinois lawmakers recently approved – and the Governor signed – legislation that will help repair and rebuild our state’s aging infrastructure.

I support the communities, universities, schools and transportation infrastructure that will benefit from this program. But I voted “no,” to not support the method lawmakers passed to fund it. It would be better to use existing revenues to bond an annual capital program, rather than asking the working families of Illinois to bail us out with higher taxes, higher fees, and expanded gambling.

Higher taxes and higher fees take more from citizens’ paychecks. Expanded gambling is a detriment to quality of life in our neighborhoods.

As a businessman, a father and a community leader, I do not think that a casino in every local tavern is a good example to set. Video gambling is also not a reliable source of funding, like river boats, for capital projects or any other programs. Despite what some state officials and my colleagues in the legislature seem to think, there is not an unlimited source of gambling dollars. Whatever revenues that video gambling generates for the state will have been taken from other pursuits, such as riverboats, horseracing or the Lottery.

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