I could not in good conscience vote for this budget because it only postpones the solutions that are so desperately needed. This budget leverages our children’s future by putting our state further in debt. It is not likely that this Governor will be able to manage this budget within the spending guidelines outlined in this plan, which calls on record borrowing and leaves a huge cliff in the 2011 budget.

A better solution to this economic crisis would be to implement budget reductions across the board. In this budget, some agencies get spending increases and others get dramatic cuts. This may get us home, this may keep state government operating, but don’t kid yourselves. This doesn’t solve our problems.

Once again, the tough decisions have not been made. This Governor has failed to do the heavy lifting. Businesses are looking for states with the fiscal discipline to live within their means. This budget sends a terrible message to business communities about our state’s economic stability. This further damages our state’s attractiveness to businesses already in Illinois and to businesses looking to locate in new states.

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