Senator Bill Brady is asking Governor Pat Quinn to reject a new $10 million state subsidy for supermarkets and food companies in Chicago because the city itself has the key to resolving the problem of making healthy food available for thousands, but has blocked the private economic development efforts of “big box” stores and grocers.

“Once again, the city is asking the state to solve Chicago’s problems. We’re in the middle of a budget crisis in Springfield, and every dollar counts,” Senator Brady said. “The availability of fresh produce and healthy food is crucial in many neighborhoods, but state taxpayers are being asked to subsidize city food retailers and developers to the tune of $10 million, when the city itself has turned its back on retail development, millions of dollars in tax revenues and thousands of new jobs for Chicago residents.

“I’m calling on Governor Quinn to veto the money in the state budget for the fresh-food initiative, not because it would not address a need in our urban neighborhoods, but because once again state taxpayers are being asked to spend money that we simply don’t have today,” he continued. “There is a much better way to meet that need in low-income neighborhoods with private investment that will yield jobs, revenues, and a better quality of life for residents of now underserved areas.”

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