With no Fiscal Year 2010 budget in place and the end of the current fiscal year rapidly approaching, the state’s Democrat leaders adjourned a special legislative session June 24 and made plans to return next week.

Frustrated by the lack of progress, Senate Republicans offered an alternative “bridge” budget, which would keep state government functioning and social service programs operational. We decided to offer the temporary proposal because negotiations that should have been going on back in March are only now beginning to take place. As was the case during the Blagojevich Administration, the current Governor and his fellow Democrats who control the Legislature have been unable to agree on any plan.

The Republican proposal would roll spending back to the previous year’s levels, which is seen as more equitable and manageable than the budget approved in May. The May proposal, passed by a partisan vote with no Republican support, slashed human service spending by 50%, while increasing funding in other areas.

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