Senator Bill Brady says one day before the General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn, Democrat legislative leaders thrust a 67 percent income tax increase on the working families of Illinois – the largest income tax increase in Illinois history – and a broadening of the state sales tax to include services.

House Bill 174 was passed May 30 by a vote of 31-27-1, with no Republican support.

“We have had seven years of tax-and-spend excesses that have increased our budget by more than $6 billion. And suddenly when the bills come due, Democrat leaders ask us to jump on their tax increase bandwagon. My answer is ‘no!’ I am standing up for the working families of Illinois and the businesses that provide their jobs,” Senator Brady said. “Democratic leaders have been talking tax increases for months, but no state ever taxed its way out of a recession. We should look first to scaling back programs and making them more efficient.”

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