Senator Bill Brady says he will not support Democrat leaders’ attempts to raise the income tax, noting they have not made a serious attempt to cut a budget that has increased by more than $6 billion in just seven years, and have not addressed the anti-business policies that are driving revenue-producing jobs to other states.

“To Democrat legislative leaders who are publicly asking Republicans to jump on the income tax increase bandwagon – my answer is ‘no!’ Someone has to stand up for the working families of Illinois and the businesses that provide the jobs for our citizens,” Senator Brady said. “Seven years of ‘tax-and-spend’ government has surely left us some wiggle room to cut.”

Governor Pat Quinn claims a 50 percent income tax increase is needed to pay the state’s bills and he has recommended raising the income tax rate from 3 percent to 4.5 percent to help fill an $11.5 billion budget hole.

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