The Illinois Reform Commission issued its 100-Day Report this week, highlighting a variety of ethics reform proposals in six fundamental areas, including government structure; campaign finance; procurement; enforcement; transparency; and inspiring better government.

Of particular interest are the Commission’s suggestions to target legislative gerrymandering. The Illinois Reform Commission had harsh words for Illinois’ system of drawing legislative districts, declaring that it “deprives Illinois voters of fair representative,” places Illinois voters in direct conflict with legislators and “regardless of which party wins, the people of Illinois are the losers.…”

Currently, Illinois’ legislative and congressional districts are redrawn every 10 years, by what has basically become a lottery system. The Secretary of State draws a name out of a hat to determine the “winner.” If the Republican name is chosen, then that party gets to create the map. If the Democrat name is drawn, then that party controls the map drawing process. Illinois is the only state that utilizes this system, which has been repeatedly criticized as undemocratic and unfair to its citizens.

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