With less than two weeks before Governor Pat Quinn unveils his first budget, Senator Bill Brady is calling on state leaders to concentrate more on spending restraint and cuts before caving to pressure to increase taxes.

“The state’s budget seems to be getting more scrutiny early on than in years past; however, the tax increase drumbeat seems to be getting louder,” Senator Brady said. “It is imperative that we focus much more on reining in spending instead of asking taxpayers for even more money.”

The 44th District Senator said he was encouraged when legislative leaders created a bipartisan Committee on Deficit Reduction last month to examine the budget and determine what options there are to address a crushing deficit estimated to top $11 billion next year.

“The first meeting on March 4 – focusing on education spending – quickly revealed a clear difference of approaches to the state’s deficit, however,” Senator Brady said. “The Committee’s Democrat members seemed more focused on tax increases and building a case for more government spending. The Republican members were more interested in spending reforms and efficiencies.”

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