The United States Senate seat formerly held by president-elect Barack Obama belongs to the people of Illinois, but is in danger of being hijacked by political insiders, according to Illinois Senate Republicans.

Senator Bill Brady joined with other members of the Senate Republican Caucus December 16 in calling for public and media pressure to force Democrats in the Legislature to allow the public to pick the next U.S. Senator from Illinois.

“We had an opportunity to move a little of the political scum away from the next Senator from Illinois. Unfortunately, the people in control – and I will not call them leaders, because leaders move the state forward – have set Illinois back again,” Senator Brady said. “You have to be suspect of a monarchy that tells you it’s too expensive for the people to elect their representatives.”

The Republican Senators were reacting to the decision by House and Senate Democrats to adjourn a special session of the Legislature without ever taking up a proposed plan to allow the public to pick Obama’s replacement through a special election. The House abruptly left Springfield on Monday without taking up the issue and then on Tuesday, Senate Democrats floated a plan to take the appointment process away from the Governor and hand it over to another longtime Chicago machine politician – Secretary of State Jesse White. " />

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